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Hunter Windblock Winter Skating Jacket Comfort
Hunter Windblock Winter Skating Jacket Comfort

Hunter Windblock Winter Skating Jacket Comfort

Skating jacket specially developed to provide protection against the extreme cold as well as sufficient freedom of movement to properly perform skating movements. Cold protection in this jacket is made possible by applying three layers of Windblock textile in the front and upper arms. These three layers consist of fleece, membrane and polyester fabric. The Fleece fabric on the inside is perfect for maintaining the ideal temperature, while the outer durable polyester provides optimum isolation and the membrane middle layer quickly and efficiently discharges perspiration and condensation. To maintain correct freedom of movement and warmth, the back, sides and forearms are equipped with the material insulation. Insulation fabric also has optimal ventilation and perspiration discharging properties, ensuring that the skating jacket, specifically the back section, always remains thoroughly dry. This fabric also has more stretch which means that the arm movement is not hampered while skating. Fitted with three rear pockets and a zip pocket in which valuable items can be stored.
Possibilities are virtually unlimited in terms of colour and design.

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